Anonymous asked: TW!!! I cut myself in the shower, they weren't deep and I started feeling really light headed and then collapsed in the shower, I got up and then it happened again! Should I tell camhs? It's never happened before...what would they do? :/ xx

Yes! Tell camhs! I can tell you that something similar happened to me and I believe its due to the ‘hot bath feeling’ idk what to call it but you know when you get out the shower or bath and it was super hot so you get light headed or feel sick? So perhaps its due to that! However I think its essential you tell them


Anonymous asked: I stopped taking the meds that I was prescribed 8 weeks ago for severe clinical depression. If I tell my therapist next week what will happen? Im 16.. I dont want to recover anymore its too hard

If you don’t want to recover, camhs cant make you, however you cant expect camhs to still see you if you dont want to recover.
Can you tell me why you dont want want to recover and why you find it so challenging? Perhaps I could help?
As for you not takin your meds, if you dont feel they are helping you could always change meds and see if they help?
Becca x

ocdopus asked: Me and my therapist were having a reasonable discussion about weight, and why I shouldn't worry too much about mine. My chair broke mid conversation. TW!!!!! because of my OCD I had to bash my head with the broken bit 4 times then had a panic attack. This was my first session, my therapist was very concerned.

Oh gosh! I love reading these stories. They make me smile alot. Hahaha! Well I guess your therapist got to know you quickly? Haha


becc x

Anonymous asked: Can I ask you something I have bulimia and diabites but sometimes I skip my needles to loose weight bc it helps should I tell someone at camhs what will they do??? Sometimes I can gon3 days without my medication what should I do what will they do??:/

Yes!! It is essential you tell them! This is damaging and is part of your disordered eating, my guess is that camhs will ask you why and help you create a plan to ensure you take your injection.

Love, not taking your injection is seriously dangerous. It could also be seen as a way of self harming. Please stay safe and try to keep on top of them, I know its hard.

Becca x

Anonymous asked: i thought you have to be 18 when it comes to who's in charge of your mental health?

it is 16 or over, as long as you make sane and rational desicions - beth x

Anonymous asked: What are the reasons for camhs to do home visits??

generally, outreach service for people who can’t/won’t engage properly in therapy or need more intensive support/treatment. beth xx

Anonymous asked: My therapist doesn't take my self harming seriously because i don't cut really deep. She just dismisses any cuts she sees as nothing to worry about. I'm so tempted to cut really deep just to make her see how much i'm hurting.

thats not the right way to make her see lovely, i know it seems like the only way but in the long run it won’t help. maybe right her a letter or try and tell her how you feel and how its making you think and she can hopefully think about it with you. be safe love - beth xx

Anonymous asked: What are CPA's? Should I have had one? I've been with CAMHS for around 6 months for anorexia, I had a psychologist but she was on placement and has left. Now I just have a dick (psychiatrist) who weighs me every other week and ignores everything I have to say. He's so selfish - anything that isn't what he wants he goes out of his way to stop me doing it or even talking about it (meds, family 'therapy' etc) Is a CPA something worth asking about or not? Thank you:-)

a CPA is the ‘Care Programme Approach’ and cpa meetings are planning and reviewing treatment. their are specific criteria for someone to but under the care plan approach. it might not be the right form of treatment for you but you can look it up and see if it is worth thinking about. that sounds awful. you could ask about some individual therapy with a therapist or make a complaint about your psych. i hope your treatment improves soon- beth xx

Anonymous asked: How can i get my therapist to see i need to go impatient

you need to talk to them and tell them x

Anonymous asked: I have people following me, and punishing me. They shout so loud and they appear in so many forms that i don't know what is normal and what isn't. They won't let me tell my councillor. How can i hint it at her, because they are becoming a real pain.

you really do just need to tell her lovely. there is no easy way to hint at this. maybe just mention little things that happen, or just try and tell her straight out. good luck - beth xxx

Anonymous asked: when i was in hospital and on 1 to 1 obs i used to do silly stuff like pull faces whenever they turned their backs. One day we were going to get my meds and I though no one was looking and did a cartwheel down the corridor. My dr saw me and my meds got upped and I was put on 2 to 1 obs.

haha hospitals need to understand that we’re teenagers and we just wanna be teenagers. When I was in hospital I made two really good friends and we thought it would be cool to try a 3 man piggy back so one girl jumped on another girls back and I jumped on top of the piggy back, but I kind of jumped to far forward and feel head first into a door and we all collapsed. The staff made a no contact (e.g touching, hugging, piggy backing) rule but we caught them rewatching our pigy back scenario on the cctv screen! x

Anonymous asked: What happens in art therapy


lol but to answer ur q, “Art Therapy takes place in a room with art materials and an Art Therapist. It is about using the art materials with an Art Therapist to show yourself and other people how you are feeling. This can let other people understand and help you and allow you to help yourself.

The relationship between the therapist and the client is of central importance, but art therapy differs from other talking therapies in that it is a three way process between the client, the therapist and the image or construction. Thus it offers a way to express and communicate for Young People who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings in words.

Art therapists are specially trained, qualified and state registered. They work with a professional team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and family therapists. They have a considerable understanding of art processes underpinned by a sound knowledge of therapeutic practice, and work with both individuals and groups.

What do I do in Art Therapy?

You are given time with paint, crayons, pencils, clay, collage, to make things, play and talk. This could happen on your own with the art therapist in a group or with your family.”

Anonymous asked: My grandad died, I hit it really hard. I had words written to say as my last words to him but I wasn't able to as he died, but my therapist asked me to bring in these last words, she read it, and his funeral note thingy was there with his picture on the front! She was about 50+ saw it and says "he's a looker." We both nearly wet ourselves laughing. It might not be funny to some of you but we had similar personalities so the jokes were endless. Went in depressed, came out laughing. Brilliant!

Im glad that you both get along soo well! Thats fab
Becca x

eudaimonialight asked: I'm a vegetarian and my care co-ordinator felt inspired by me and decided to have 4 meatless days a week. About 2 months later, after my session she said to me "this is very personal but my number 2 isn't as dark or doesn't have an offensive smell anymore". Rest assured I left CAMHS that day slightly traumatised.

Guys keep sending in your stories! They’re hilarious!