NEED URGENT HELP?? _________
IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF URGENT HELP OR YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS IN DANGER GO TO YOUR LOCAL A+E OR CALL 999 :) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ non emergencies can call samaritans 08457 909090 or childline 0800 1111

Anonymous said: when do I get officially diagnosed? im in tier 3 and I'm just talking my psychiatrist about me and stuff. also when can I get anti depressants? also what conditions get you into tier 4?

You may never get given an ‘official’ diagnosis. In my experience, CAMHS don’t like to give ‘labels’ as they feel it can make people feel worse. If you would like an official diagnosis, you can mention it to your CAMHS worker. If you feel like you need anti-depressants, I would say talk to your psychiatrist, they can asses you and decide the best, if any, medication for you. There are no specific conditions to get you into Tier 4. Tier 4 is used for anyone who’s mental health condition, is complex, severe, or they are or they are putting other people, at risk. Beth xx

Anonymous said: Why does my psychiatrist take my blood pressure?

If you have an Eating Disorder, it will be to monitor your Vitals. Otherwise, it may be to do with your meds or something else that concerns your psychiatrist! you can ask them, i am sure they will tell you :) beth xxx

Anonymous said: Does it ever get better?..

Yes!!! one day, things will get easier, little by little. things will get better one day, just hold on for that. beth xxx

Anonymous said: Hi, i feel the need to go back to camhs but i'm scared about my parents and what others might think. Also does camhs stay on your personal record, like does it/ will it effect my future for example applying for college, university or jobs because my parents keep threatening me about these things and they want me to do well but all these depressive feelings is getting to much for me.

Hi lovely, if you feel you need to go back, then you should. you know you better than anyone else. You have no need to worry about what others might think, they will only know you go if you tell them, and if they judge you for it, they aren’t worth your time lovely. Seeing CAMHS will not stay on your record! As far as I understand, potential employers, university, or colleges will only know about your contact with mental health services if you tell them about it. As far as I can see, the only time they would know is if you were detained under a 136 and the police decide this should stay on your record, this can then show up on a DBS (previously CRB) check. Employers, Unis and Colleges can not discriminate against you for having mental health problems, it is against the law! I’m not sure why your parents are saying what they are, but please don’t let what they are saying get in the way of getting help.

I hope this helps. Beth xx

Anonymous said: I had my assessment at camhs about a month ago, the women who saw me said she would send me stuff about self harming by the end of that week but I haven't heard anything from them? I kinda feel that they've forgot about me. Like I'm a lower ranking, but do I ring them or leave it?

Ring them and ask whata going on and that you was promised some paperwork from the person who assesed you and it still hasn’t arrived x x

Anonymous said: To the anon who's son is struggling: Young Minds have a parent's helpline and email address. The helpline is free from mobline and landlines and available Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 4pm on 0808 802 5544 or you could email parents@youngminds(.)org(.)uk (remember to remove brackets!). The website also has more info about the helpline if you want to check that out! I hope you manage to get the right support!

To the struggling parent!!!

Anonymous said: Hello there. I've just stumbled upon your site whilst searching for ideas of what I can do when CAHMS don't understand an emergency. I'm a very worried mum of a gorgeous 16 year old lad who is seriously struggling. He's on medication but we have just had the week from hell, police called numerous times, an emergency home session with a counsellor, one sibling moving out and the other who is 4 just so upset and confused and myself collapsing. Can you advise on a site for me to get support? Thanks

Hello there!!
First of all can I just say how refreshing it is to see a parent so supportive of her teenage son during his troubles! That’s amazing!

Im really sorry that you and your family are struggling and it hurts my heart to know that there really isn’t enough support for families who are struggling. I really am not aware of sites for what you’re looking for, unfortunately.
However I do have a few suggestions, which I hope you don’t mind me sharing-
- have you visited you gp? Not just for help for your son (if thats what he needs)but help for you as a family and yourself as an individual, perhaps the doctor will have some suggestions?
-if your child is under camhs (which im assuming he is as you said he has a counsellor) then you could ask them for some family therapy- it doesn’t work for every family, it didn’t work for my whole family-however I had sessions with my family therapist and my mum to help us learn new skills and understand each other so perhaps try that?
-finally, if your sons under camhs
perhaps call them and ask what they’re doing to support him and what advice they can give you.

Im really sorry I couldn’t give you some useful sites, however I hope this helps!!!

Keep going, im sure you’re doing an amazing job!!

Becca x x

dying-blue-eyes said: To the anon who asked if parents have to be present, no. My parents agreed an they didn't even go to the assessment :) It might depend on how old you are, I think you have to be 16 or nearly 16.

thankyou x

Anonymous said: if I told my psychologist that I had suicidal thoughts this week would they tell my mum?

if they think you are at risk of yourself(and/or others) or if you are thinking of acting on your suicidal thoughts then yes, it’s against their job not too. Please remember suicide isn’t the answer and you are better than these thoughts xx

Anonymous said: if you become IP informally do you HAVE to take the medication? Like even if you go along with everything else they say. or do you get sectioned?

you don’t have to take medication if you’re informal but if the doctors think you need it and you still refuse they can section you for it x