Anonymous asked:
I don't feel I can cope in the outside world. I broke down over my mock results and I don't know how I'm going to cope with my gcse results. I'm scared that it's going to be that bad that I'm going to break down again. What would happen if I told my therapist this?

she would try to help you sweet, she’d work through and teach you different ways of coping with what you feel. Remember exams results aren’t the end of the world and you are more than a grade on paper, have a lovely day x

crisis team survey research
crisis team survey research

Good Evening Lovelies, Hope you’re all okay!

Basically, I am part of a charity in which we work towards changing for the better the way in which young peoples mental health services work. We recently reached out to camhs about the way they work and how they can change and they have taken our feedback on board and are currently re evaluating the way in which camhs work. So the next thing I think needs to be reviewed is The Camhs / Crisis / Home intervention service. 

If you have had any experience via being assessed/had phone calls or meetings with crisis please take two minutes of your time to fill out this survey as it could help the way in which this service works. 

Many thanks,

Lauren ♥

Anonymous asked:
Hiya I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I told my CAMHS worker about this blog and she told me to ask if anyone else has the same problem as me, basically I have really vivid daydreams to the point that I actually see the place that I'm imagining in real life and move around like I am in the daydream- it's weird I know.I was just wondering if any of the admins or followers have had this happen to them before? Or if it's just me?

i have experienced this. my therapist said it could possibly be my minds way of blocking out traumatic memories! do any of you followers have any experience? - beth xxx



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Anonymous asked:
Can you post a link to where your admins are based please?

click here for info about admins

have a lovely day xx

Anonymous asked:
I've sent this before but I'm desperate for some advice. Can depression lead to an eating disorder? (Trigger warning?) I've been restricting my intake a lot and some times starving myself for as long as possible :( what do I do? I don't go to camhs anymore I was discharged in April

I can see your previous ask in the box, i was just about to answer it lovely haha

Im sorry it took us a while,

I guess it can yes, it is definitely possible and ive heard it is quite common (however that could be wrong)

I would suggest  calling your CAMHS and asking for another appt, explain that you’re struggling and would like your case to be re-opened. if this doesn’t sound like a good idea then your probably going to want to go to your gp and explain that you’re struggling and ask for another referal to camhs

Thanks for using the trigger warnings.

Becca x

Hey guys, Just a few quick reminders;

Before sending us asks please read our FAQ (click here) as we get alot of asks and alot of them are about the same things, after reading the faq, if you still have questions feel free to ask us!

Secondly, please remember to put trigger warnings on your asks, so that us and our followers can be safe.

Finally, please dont send us asks containing specific numbers as they can be extremely triggering, Also dont send us asks containing specific CAMHS places, or camhs people (unless you’re wanting to be added to the directory, in which case its okay) as we can get in trouble for those types of asks. 

We hope you’re having a safe, fun summer holidays.

The LOLCAMHS admins :) 

Anonymous asked:
Is it cruel to admit to my CPN next appointment (Tuesday) how low/suicidal I am when it's our last appointment together?

No, Definetly not.

Anonymous asked:
(Is it bad to want inpatient anon) Is there a chance they will admit me then? I don't want to seem pathetic. Especially if I admit how much I can't cope.

there is a chance yes. However i cant say for sure. As im sure you’re aware there is a national bed shortage for mental health, meaning there may not be any beds available for you. but i assure you they will try their best to keep you safe whether thats at home or in inpatient.

Becca x

Anonymous asked:
Could you post a link about the CAMHS tier thing I'm on an iPod and can't see it unless you post the link :)

sorry its taken soo long!!

its here lovely

Anonymous asked:
how do I ask Camhs what my diagnoses are if I am really shy?

I know it seems difficult but you could just put it into a conversation? Or ask your parents/carers to ask about it?

Anonymous asked:
ok so basically i've had an eating disorder for a couple of years but recently i've been relapsing and then gaining and relapsing n gaining every few months and its getting really hard but, i don't know how to go about getting help? i feel like such a faker now i dont see camhs anymore

If you are struggling again lovely (which it sounds to me like you are) please please call up camhs and ask if your case can be re-opened, if not go to your gp and ask for another referal. You’re not a faker and its okay to ask for help.

Be safe.


Anonymous asked:
Is it bad to want to go inpatient because I can't cope with my thoughts or anything I have to deal with in the outside world (such as school) ?

No its actually very common love. Youre not alone, Please mention this to your camhs worker. 


Anonymous asked:
If I tell my camhs worker I can't stop thinking about suicide and I've overdosed a few times what do you think she will do?

Based on my experiences she will probably talk to you, find out why you’re feeling this way (if there are any triggers) and if she feels your a danger tell your parents.

 It really depends on the relationship and the confidentiality rules at your camhs service. please make sure you tell someone and get some medical attention dear.


Anonymous asked:
Hi, first off I just want to say how great I think everyone one of you are! Secondly my college want a letter regarding any safe guarding issues I may have, I tried to speak to my camhs worker about this and she just said to tell them whatever I want to and then changed the topic. I'm really confused on what I should be writing or even if I need to, I don't really understand the whole safeguarding thing as it is, I've been told it by doctors in the past I'm just really confused. x

Thank you so much dear!

I dont have much knowledge on this subject ( I am trained in safeguarding, just never heard of it in these circumstances) but your ask has been in the box a while, so ill try my best to answer it.

I would suggest calling your camhs worker and asking again for advise on your safeguarding, ask her what she thinks should be on it, and how you should write it, try to keep on topic, If this fails you could ask your school (if you go to school) to help you write it, my school recently changed head of sixth forms and i had to help write a safe guardig hand over about me to the new head, So perhaps ask your head of year to help you out or a member of staff who knows you well.

Hope i helped you