Anonymous asked:
What are the different tiers/ levels in CAMHS?

Please check our faq xx

Anonymous asked:
Hi so I've always wondered why some people attending CAMHS get to be taken out by their counsellor for sessions? like my friend gets taken to Costa every week with her counsellor and I've never understood why, like I have to have mine in the actual CAMHS building and it's all so professional, is it because I'm in Tier 3??

Yes, it is a possibility that because you’re teir 3, or it could be that she has an outreach worker who often do sessions in public places. I don’t know your friend but perhaps shes doing a different type of therapies like exposure therapy which means she’d have to be in situations that make her feel anxiety. Also, it could just depend on your counsellors personal beliefs, they may feel sessions work best at the centre. If you really want your sessions elsewhere, ask your worker x x

when your therapist tries to be funny

Have you ever tried an elastic band?

Oh, you have deep emotional problems? Let’s draw a family tree!!

It’s only a phase!! It will stop soon..

You know, a mood diary is really helpful!!

A red pen works just as well?!?!!?!!!!!

"I think i’m going to have to call your parents.."

when one of your therapists rants are actually helpful

Anonymous asked:
Person with homicidal thoughts here again - I forgot to ask: do you know what would happen if I did tell my therapist?

We can only go by personal experience, which in my case is ask about why or when you get them and if you have them under control (e.g if you felt you was seriously going to act on them) and depending on your answer, depends whether he/she has to break confidentiality 

Becca x

Anonymous asked:
I can't cope, too much work, need to self harm so bad but I promised my mum I wouldn't and I'm scared of the consequences, eg. Taking all the blades out of the house or in locked drawers, I stopped shing but I wasn't ready and it's really catching up on me. I don't know what to do

Im sorry youre struggling, Please could you check out our coping methods page as i think it may help you, if youre still struggling, perhaps try to reach out to your mum and tell her that its an ongoing battle and although youre trying, self harm is an addiction and relapse is very common. 


Anonymous asked:
My ask was just something like 'what can you tell me about mixed affective disorder or dystopic mania??' And what does it mean to be diagnosed with mixed affective disorder? Any help would be greatly appreciated, love that despite your own problems you're all reaching out to other kids struggling, honestly, its very admirable and I'm proud of you all, thank you!

Hello dear, im really sorry i dont have any knowledge on this, Sorry. I however, did find a few things on google, Perhaps this will help

if youre still unsure of what the disorder conssits of ask your camhs worker for more info on it. 

Thank you so much xx

"oh you want to die??? let’s draw a family tree!!"

"If I had a magic wand…"

"have you ever tried a mood diary?"

"so, why do you feel the way you do?"

"your 6-8 sessions are over, we’ve decided you don’t need anymore help"


"why do you want to discharge yourself?"