Anonymous asked: Am I aloud to suggest inpatients for myself? Because I feel like I could help me. But at the same time if I suggest it and I kick of inside about it been 'shit' or what ever. It would be a bit weird because I put myself in there

you can but suggesting inpatient proves you know you are bad enough to need help therefore it is less likely to happen also there is a v short amount of beds

Anonymous asked: My next camhs appointment is in seven weeks?! Why the hell would she have done that to me?

Unfortunately camhs workers do have alot of other clients to see and sometimes there is a room shortage at the centre, sometimes workers go on leave too. I know 7 weeks is a long time but perhaps your camhs worker feels you’ll cope okay or perhaps you’re approaching ypyr discharge date so they’re trying to set you up for life without camhs.
If you feel as though you cannot cope for 7 weeks, I would call/text/email your therapist and ask for an appointment sooner. Stress that you dont feel you can cope with that long of a wait. If they say there is a room shortage etc then ask for an appt at yor school/college/house.

Stay safe
Becca x

Anonymous asked: i have camhs on tuesday, but i don't think i can wait that long. i have a prepared plan for suicide and a back up plan in place. i don't want to be here, this shit is just not for me. life is for the living, but i'm not living, i'm just here.

Love. I know how you feel, believe me I do; but you deserve to be here and happy and I know you can do it.

I need you to call your camhs worker or centre and tell them how you’re feeling. Ask for an appt sooner and tell them you’re not feeling safe.

You deserve the help and you deserve happiness

If you cant get hold of your camhs centre. Then please call an ambulance or tell your parent/carers.

Stay safe please
Becca x

Anonymous asked: I've made 3 suicide attempts (March 2014, August 2013 and April 2011) and camhs are considering admitting me to a hospital but they're not totally sure if I need it and if there might he something easier to do but I really think being an inpatient would help (I know they're not nice places but I honestly think it would work) am I allowed to say that I think if benefit or is that not really something i can choose? I'm almost certain I'm going to end up killing myself

I think its perfectly okay to say what you think would work for you, after all who knows you better than yourself? No one. Tell them what you think is best but be ready to say why

Bec x

Anonymous asked: I left camhs a while ago because I couldn't cope with it anymore but now I feel like I can go back and I'm ready to actually talk to them now but if I tell them I'm feeling suicidal and plan to attempt suicide and tell them about my violent intrusive thoughts what do you think they would do? It sounds strange but I want them to know so I can get help but on the other hand I'm terrified of what will happen to me

I think its fab your willing to go back and get help! They will probably question you on it and if they see it a risk maybe inform your parents. You dont need to be worried lovely. Camhs are trained to deal with all sorts. It will be okay
Becca x

Anonymous asked: I'm new to CAMHS and i had my assessment and then i got sent the letter of referral which i think was sent to another therapist but i haven't heard anything back and I'm not good with calling them, so should i wait, i don't know how long this normally takes? do you know if the services have email addresses as that would be better than calling?

Your best bet would be to gpogle your local camhs service and see if they have an emailig service. If not it may be best to ask your parent or someone at school to call them
Becca x

Anonymous asked: Is it bad to miss my depression? I want to be productive and happy but I really miss my depression...

No, it isn’t bad. I thi this is normal actually. Where you was stuck and kond of comfortable with your depression it becomes normal and part of everyday life and its hard to get on without it as it kind of becomes natural to you.
Just keep in mind what you want to be and do with your life.
Becca x

Anonymous asked: Who runs this blog?

check the admins page here

Anonymous asked: How often do people usually have meetings with/see their care coordinators?

when I first needed camhs i saw them once a month, then when I came out of hospital it was every couple now she’s changed it to every 3 months

but it vairies.. 

do any of our followers have an opinion?

Anonymous asked: Can you go to ip for a suicide attempt?


Anonymous asked: How bad do you have to be to stay in hospital? If you r really suicidal will they keep you?

if they think you are at a risk to yourself or others then that is the point they can make you stay in hospital
lauren x

Anonymous asked: If you're over 16, do they tell your patents if they're putting you on medication?

It really depends on yours and your families relationship and whether xamhs think it will benefit you or not.
Most likely yes-as theres a risk you could cause yourself harm with the meds and they will need to keep an extra eye on you due to side effects xxx

Anonymous asked: If I tell my psychologist that I'm having intrusive violent/sexual thoughts about my family will they tell my parents? Thanks I'm really ashamed to ask this but I'm just wondering if you can help :(

i doubt it unless they feel your family are in danger. beth xxx

Anonymous asked: I left camhs last august because I just refused to go there any longer because I hated it so so much, I'm seeing a councillor now at my new school and I'm worried about telling her I'm suicidal, I don't want to kill myself but I imagine it happening in my head all the time, if that makes sense? If it tell her this will she have to tell my parents, could I get sectioned for this? I really want to go back to camhs because I know it will help but I'd hate to be inpatient I don't know what to do

i doubt you’d get sectioned unless they believe you are a massive risk to yourself! please try and be honest with your consellour, its a massive part of recover! beth xxx

Anonymous asked: Has anyone with a mental illness (particularly anxiety) ever experienced an automatic connection with something someone has bought them? I got a cute little stuffed animal today as a gift and I just keep hugging it and it's almost making me feel better... Am I weird? I'm 15 and go to camhs for anxiety and depression

no i am the same! i have a massive weird connection with a teddy and a blanket which i can’t sleep without and i’m 17! i don’t think its a mental illness specific thing, sometimes things just fit :) beth xxx