Anonymous asked:
Hello, I was just wondering. Is voice loss a common symptom of Anxiety? I feel as if I'm the only one who suffers with Voice Loss. I understand that everyone is different, but voice loss is not common at all. If so do you have any tips to to reduce the stammering of words? Thanks :D

Im abit confused about your ask lovely, do you mean loss of voice as in you can not talk because it scares you that much, or that you physically lose your voice? 

If so, perhaps look into Selective mutism?

As for reducing the stammering of words, perhaps try to say the sentance to yourself in your head before saying it, try some breathing and mouth excercises.

Becca x

Anonymous asked:
How long are camhs allowed to work with you? My therapist said something about them being picky with how long they can work with people

weve actually just got alot of asks about this and its something i have never experienced whilst being under cams (3 years) and so i cant say how long they are actually allowed to work with you 

Becca x

Anonymous asked:
I'm going to CAMHS next week. I'm really worried, is it bad or is it okay?


usually, camhs are okay and good at their jobs, people have different experiences though. i personally have had both bad and good experiences at camhs, Ive found on my journey though, that unless you talk and say whats going on, they cant help.

Anonymous asked:
my camhs appointment is cancelled and I'm really struggling. I don't know how I can cope bc nothing is helping. people at school call me a skank and every night and I want to commit. ugh what do I do?


If your appt is cancelled and youre struggling there are lots of things you can do, for example: call camhs office and ask for an alternative appt or to be put through to the duty worker (almost like crisis ) if you dont feel up to this, please check out our coping mechanisms page

all the best 

becca x

Anonymous asked:
the only reason i don't talk to anybody about being sad is because i don't want to be diagnosed because of my college record :( but i feel so lonely!!

Lovely, say you was diagnosed, a college can not discriminate against you because of this. If anything you could use your diagnoses (and hopefully recovery) as something positive in your CV/personal statement, as it shows how outgoing and determined you can be!


Anonymous asked:
I've been seeing camhs for about 4 years, it'll be 5 in December, and I've taken a turn for the worse, but suddenly my camhs worker has said she can't see me anymore because I'm 'I'm crisis' I was in inpatient for 7-8 months last year and she came into the unit to see me sometimes, so any idea why she may have said she can't see me now?? I don't expect you to have the answer, I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on why this may be..:) Love your blog btw

Firstly, let me say a massive sorry for how long its taken us to reply!!

secondly, im not really sure and havent really experienced this myself, however, maybe when she visited you at the unit it was more of a coming to check up on you, etc kind of thing, whereas now she sees you as a therapist? perhaps she feels you need inpatient or someone with higher levels of therapy (sorry i wasnt sure how to word that haha!!) so perhaps thats why she can no longer see you.

thanks  xx

Anonymous asked:
I don't no weather to tell my therapist about never feeling safe in the community like even at home I just feel like I could easily do something stupid?:( I am wondering what there would reaction be and if I should her x

I definitely think it is worth telling him/her. I think the reaction would probably involve some questions about why? Is thwre sny triggers? How can they help to make you safer etc

Becca xx

Anonymous asked:
I've a CAMHS appointment tomorrow and there always going at me about taking medication. I took medication before but didn't like it. Things have been pretty bad lately and my mum thinks I should take something for my anxiety but I don't know?? Help??

I think its Definitely worth trying again, different med have different effects on people and theres tons of different meds its just a case of finding the right type for you.

Becca xx

Anonymous asked:
I cut again for the first time in months and my mum will kill me if she finds out, how to hide them? There on my thigh btw

Im sorry, but I don’t think its right for me to tell you how to hide your recent self harm from your family, so im going to give you some more advice,
-talk to your mum, or anyone. Get some help, im sure she wouldn’t actually kill you dear. She may be upset but thats okay and normal for parent to react in that way. I know this isn’t the advice you want to hear, but it’s the best advice I can give.

Becca xx

Anonymous asked:
What are the different tiers/ levels in CAMHS?

Please check our faq xx

Anonymous asked:
Hi so I've always wondered why some people attending CAMHS get to be taken out by their counsellor for sessions? like my friend gets taken to Costa every week with her counsellor and I've never understood why, like I have to have mine in the actual CAMHS building and it's all so professional, is it because I'm in Tier 3??

Yes, it is a possibility that because you’re teir 3, or it could be that she has an outreach worker who often do sessions in public places. I don’t know your friend but perhaps shes doing a different type of therapies like exposure therapy which means she’d have to be in situations that make her feel anxiety. Also, it could just depend on your counsellors personal beliefs, they may feel sessions work best at the centre. If you really want your sessions elsewhere, ask your worker x x

when your therapist tries to be funny

Have you ever tried an elastic band?

Oh, you have deep emotional problems? Let’s draw a family tree!!

It’s only a phase!! It will stop soon..

You know, a mood diary is really helpful!!

A red pen works just as well?!?!!?!!!!!

"I think i’m going to have to call your parents.."

when one of your therapists rants are actually helpful